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Kuching Travel Destination That You Cannot Miss

Kuching is the most popular holiday city in East Malaysia and Borneo Island, along with Kota Kinabalu. There are a lot of popular locations that you can make a visit in Kuching. Listed below are 5 Main Kuching travel places.

Sarawak Cultural Village

Sarawak Cultural Village is the No1 tourist destination that you cannot afford to ignore. It is an award winning “live museum” where it hires real people from 7 Sarawak main races groups to live in there. Hence tourists are ready to see the lifestyles, arts, games, clothes, food of 7 different cultures in one place. Tourists will also be treated with a 45 minutes of traditional dance and music at the end of the visit.

Sarawak Museum

Sarawak Museum is considered as an extract of the entire of Sarawak, due to the fact that it stores and exhibits the most massive collection of artifacts of the indigenous people of Borneo in it”s 2 buildings. The original one has a Normandy townhouse style whereas the new building has genuine imitation of the life in the prehistoric of Niah Caves. With such riches of collections of Borneo, Sarawak Museum has earned enormous reputation from around the world. Your Kuching travel trip will never be perfect if you don’t visit Sarawak Museum.

Annah Rais Bidayuh Longhouse

This is an actual authentic Bidayuh longhouse within 1 and half hours drive from Kuching. The longhouse is kept in its original state, so as the local people dwelling here who are carrying out farming and are exercising traditional life style, even though lots of visitors go to the village everyday. If you want to experience their lifestyle by yourself, you can opt to dwell with one of the native villager here.

Semenggoh OrangUtan Rehabilitation Center

Orang Utan is a near extinct creature that is very well protected in Sarawak which can only be seen in Sarawak Malaysia. In this rehabilitation centre, Orang Utans are not kept in cage and they are roaming freely in the jungles. You might go into the jungle to hunt for them and look at their behavior directly if you are adventurous enough. Alternatively you also can catch them during the eating time at 9am and 3pm every day.

Bako National Park

Bako national park gives you you the chance to enjoy the gorgeousness of the nature and to observe the wildlife in detail. You can have intimate interaction with the endangered species of Probosics Monkey or have a little jungle trekking at the paths you can find here. You will see various interesting flora and fauna as well as awesome waterfalls and beaches while in the trekking.

Luxury Travel Destinations

“An experience is etched in our minds due to the value returned”

I look at the dollars in my wallet to determine where I am going next, what activity should be first on the list or at least moved up and if what I am hungry for is nearby. Should we go to the water or inland to explore waterfalls? Should we drive up a winding mountain road or ride the tram?

Sure a camera can capture scenes for future reflection but receiving value that was unanticipated etches a memory, there to recall with any conversation regarding the trip. Think back to your most remembered trips. What is the memory recalled? Why are you able to recall it?

Experiences are the main reasons we vacation. Why we choose to go to many of the destinations is so something new or unusual will occur to improve our moods. But many times we find certain costs prohibitive to an over-reaching experience.

Here is what I am speaking of; if you are going to any destination for one week, hoping to experience the lifestyle of the area, visit several sites of interest and enjoy the local foods. If the cost of the hotel/condo/resort accommodations is high, the chances of multiple experiences drops relative to these costs.

Instead the options will have to be listed, looked at for cost analysis and certain activities will have to be crossed out, saved for a return trip. To make these secondary choices once at the location adds disappointment, even subconsciously, detracting from the experience.

Luxury travel destinations are defined by the experiences of the trip. Luxury is defined by the traveler; it is not always the heightened monetary expenses because luxury comes in many packages. We as individuals, are allowed to define our lives in our own ways and I choose to define luxury travel based on the value returned.

If my memory is packed with unforgettable activities, scenes, experiences and the costs were low for the trip, there is no greater luxury. A memory has no price tag; it goes on and on and on allowing reliving of the experience and things to expand on should a return trip occur.

Getaway ideas will increase because I know now that when I am taking luxurious travel vacations, I will be getting more value experiences due to the reduced accommodations charges I have defining my trip as luxurious. There is value in every trip I take, how about yours?

Unique Travel Destinations

Kenya, which lies in East Africa has a lot to offer. The various national parks and wilderness are the leading tourist destinations in the country. Wildlife has made this East African country one of the most favorite tourist attractions in the world. A part from this, there are other travel destinations where you can spend your holidays and have complete adventure. For instance, the coast along the Indian Ocean in Mombasa is one of Africa major attraction site. A combination of the exotic beaches, marine life, world-class hotels, beautiful Islands and the friendly people of Mombasa make your travel a complete adventure. The Mamba Village is a unique attraction crocodile farm situated near Nyali. This is the largest crocodile farm in the country. Here, you will see different crocodile species, learn their behavior pattern and lifestyle.

Malindi is another travel destination with so much to offer. The long coral beaches and the Malindi National park are the highlights of this beautiful Island. The residents of Malindi rely on cotton, sisal and fishing for their living. This place is ideal for snorkeling, diving, fishing and surfing. You can explore the Malindi National Park by boat as you watch the marine life.

Lamu archipelago is another peaceful and beautiful place to visit. There are two main Islands in the archipelago, namely Lamu and Manda. The main means of transport in these two areas is the donkey. One common thing with these two Islands is their long beaches, ideal for picnic and relaxation under the hot sun. Manda Bay is a sanctuary for many wildlife mammals, butterflies, reptiles and different types of birds. As you tour the Lamu Island, you will see some ancient architecture, mango and coconut plantations. Famous activities in Lamu include; sailing, fishing, snorkeling, diving and exploring the long beaches.

Marsabit National Park is the most remote national park in Kenya, located in a desert region. The park is a forested mountain rising up out of the surrounding desert. It is a habitat home to wildlife such as lion, leopard, cheetah, rhino, giraffe, hyena, warthog, elephant and the antelope. You can camp in the park for better game viewing and photography. The small town of Marsabit has basic facilities including a bank, petrol station, post office, airport, restaurants and shops.

Kisumu, the third largest town in Kenya is a business and transportation hub. This town is in an area of intensive agriculture, valleys, green hills, thick forest and mountains. Kisumu town is located in the eastern shores of lake Victoria. You can reach the town by road, rail, boat or air. The Kisumu Museum is a famous travel destination, where you will learn more about the history of Kisumu. You will also have a chance to see Lake Victoria, which the largest fresh water lake in Africa.